2020 Prices

The classes of membership for 2020 will be as shown below.

a. Full Playing Member, Gentleman or Lady under 75 on 1st January                                                    £690.00

b. Community Playing Member, available to any Gentleman or Lady on low income

and receiving state benefit. (Please see the Administrator for further details.)                                      £500.00

c. Full Playing Member (under 25), Gentleman or Lady 23 & under 25 on 1st January                       £500.00

d. Full Playing Member (under 23), Gentleman or Lady 21 & under 23 on 1st January                       £380.00

e. Full Playing Member (under 21), Gentleman or Lady 18 & under 21 on 1st January                        £255.00

f. Senior Playing Member, Retired Playing Member age 80 or over on 1st January
or retired playing members of age 75 or over on 1st January with 20 years playing
membership.                                                                                                                                                          £395.00

g. Associate Playing Member – Full Member of another Club, no voting rights                                    £230.00

h. Junior Playing Member, those age 16 & under 18 years on 1st January                                              £130.00

i. Junior Playing Member, those age 11 & under 16 years on 1st January                                                £90.00

j. Junior Playing Member, those age under 11 years on 1st January                                                         £15.00

k. Social Member, age 18 years and over on 1st January to use Clubhouse facilities only.                  £30.00