Membership Deals for 2017

  • Past members who have been away from the Club for three years or more will receive a 10% rebate of their full annual subscription for the first year of re-joining.
  • Any New Member will receive a 10% rebate of their annual subscription for the first year of membership.
  • Any New Member, or Re-joining member who has not been a full member for three full years, can join anytime during the season by paying the appropriate pro-rata subscription.
  • Those who wish to experience golf at Barrow Golf Club and are new to golf or not currently members of another golf club can join as a Trial Member for a period of 3 months (March, April, May ONLY) for a fee of £100 Gents and £50 Ladies. If they choose to join as a Full Member they will receive a 10% discount from the pro rata membership fee.
  • Temporary Membership – £156 for a block of 12 Green fee Tickets then any further tickets at £130 for 10 tickets. Ideal for anyone working away from home in the Barrow area including Naval and other Forces Personnel (must live outside a 30 mile radius of Barrow Golf Club to qualify).
  • University Students can pay a fee of £100 which will allow them to play social golf from April to October. They will need to produce proof of status (NUS Card)
  • A Monday Temporary Membership is available from April to September for a fee of £100 which allows the member to play social golf anytime on a Monday
  • Associate Membership – Players must be a full playing member of another club. Can paly 7 days a week but NOT in Club competitions £220.
  • Full Members will be provided with a loyalty reward of 3 green fee vouchers.

Download section

Please download the relevant form and return to the office.

premium-credit-application-form – Direct Debit Application 2017

members-renewal-form-2017 – Renewal Form 2017

full-membership-application-form-2017 – Full Membership 2017

application-for-associate-membership-2017 – Associate Membership 2017

application-for-social-membership-2017 – Social Membership 2017

application-for-junior-membership-2017 – Junior Membership 2017

application-for-student-membership-2017 – Student Membership 2017

trial-membership-form-2017 – Trial Membership January to May ONLY 2017

application-for-clubhouse-facilites-2017 – Room Hire 2017