Our Course

The course is a total of 6184 yards, 6010 yards and 5576 yards from the white, yellow and red tees respectively.


 Hole 1 – Sponsored by ‘Jim Redfern Associates Ltd’


A short but tricky opening hole. A slight dog-leg right requires longer hitters to clear a bunker on the right of the fairway to leave a short pitch to a narrow green with a greenside bunker to the right. However a fairway wood or long iron placed down the left half of the fairway leaves an easier approach to the green.


Hole 2 – Sponsored by ‘Abbey House Hotel’


Par 3 measuring 180 yards from the white tees, nearly always with the wind into and from the right. Again a small green makes it difficult to find and a miss right will leave a tricky pitch up a sharp bank.

Hole 3 – Sponsored by ‘Steele’s Removals’



The 3rd is a stroke index 1 hole with a slight dog leg to the left with the fairway sweeping down about 200 yards off the tee. The ideal tee shot is just left of the marker post and the slope should take the ball down the hill leaving you around 150 yards to the green. If you miss the slope then you’re left with a long second to a green which is protected by four bunkers.

Hole 4 – Sponsored by “Oscars”


The 1st of the three par 5’s measuring 505 yards from the white tees. A straight drive is required as there is thick rough awaiting on both sides of the hole for the wayward shot. The longer hitters can go for the green in two if they hit a good drive but all players should be aware of the ditch running across the fairway about 30 yards from the front edge of the green.

Hole 5 – Sponsored by ‘Wicks (Lindale) Ltd’


This may look like a simple hole but don’t be fooled!! There is trouble waiting left or right for the wayward tee shot. The approach to a sloping back to front green needs to negotiate banking and bunkering left and right. Trouble also awaits an over hit approach.

Hole 6 – Sponsored by ‘Handmark Engineering’


A picturesque and lengthy par 3 with an intimidating tee shot over water to a green protected by a bunker left and a severe slope at the front ready to catch any shot not hit to the flat of the green.

Hole 7 – Sponsored by ‘Gilmour Engineering’


Long par 5 playing nearly always into the wind, with a slight dog leg to the right. A tee shot down the left half of the fairway will avoid the ditch and the out of bounds triangle – which cuts into the fairway from the right. This will leave a long second shot which only the big hitters been able to reach in two. Beware as out of bounds runs all the way along the right on this hole with trees and severe rough to the left.

Hole 8


A short uphill par 4 to an eye-catching green cut into a rock face. Out of bounds on the right borders the length of this attractive hole.

Hole 9 – Sponsored by ‘Schofield Construction’


Elevated tee shot to a fairway which slopes to the left with trouble up the right and left. An over hit tee shot will find a water hazard and a lost ball!! Play short of the ditch and you are left with a 120 yard approach to the green.

Hole 10



A short dog leg to the left par 4 with trouble down the left and trees to the right. A tee shot placed on the fairway will leave a good line into an elevated green with bunkers left and right guarding the front. Trouble lurks for the over-hit approach.

Hole 11 – Sponsored by ‘Joss Engineering’



A short par 4 with thick rough lining both sides of this hole, punishing any wayward tee shot. A drive positioned down the left half of the fairway will leave a good line into a small narrow green. Missing the green left will leave a tricky chip shot.

Hole 12 – Sponsored by ‘Scurrah Nassau Engineering’


A neat par 3 with a well guarded green. The green is one of the longest on the course and as it slopes from front to back it makes club selection tricky. Always take one more club than you think if the pin is positioned towards the back.

Hole 13 – Sponsored by ‘Shanks Waste Management’



Dog leg right par 4 with a ditch running down the left side of the hole and trees to the right. Ideal tee shot is to be positioned on left half of the fairway which leaves a good line for your approach into the green. Once you’ve found the green safely the sloping green makes putting very tricky.

Hole 14 – Sponsored by ‘Oil States’


Long par 5 with thick rough plus out of bounds down the left side therefore a tee shot up the right half of the fairway is ideal. This will leave you with a choice of either laying up short of the ditch in front of the green, or for the longer hitters going for the green. The approach needs to be accurate as there is trouble all around this green.

Hole 15 – Sponsored by ‘Shepley Sellafield’


A tough uphill par 3 measuring 168 yards from the white tees. As the green is blind from the tee it makes club selection very tricky. Anything short will roll back down the hill so always take one more club than you think. However downhill putts are to be avoided on this green.

Hole 16 – Sponsored by ‘Dong Energy’


From the tee out of bounds looms tight to the left so the ideal tee shot needs to be up the right half of the fairway, which leaves a good line over a grassy pit to an un-bunkered green. Again club selection is important for the approach as it’s a two tier green with a drop over the back into a ditch.

Hole 17 – Sponsored by ‘Risedale Retirement & Care Home’


A short par 4 with out of bounds running down the left with the wind nearly always blowing towards it! Don’t be short with your approach as there is a dip in front of the green which will gather your ball leaving a tricky chip.

Hole 18 – Sponsored by ‘Holker Group’


A great finishing hole with the potential to wreck a good score!! Long par 4 with a slight dog leg left with out of bounds running down the left. Don’t be too greedy trying to cut too much off the corner. A drive up the right half of the fairway is ideal leaving an approach shot into the largest green on the course in front of the clubhouse which is protected by bunkers left and right. Don’t be too bold as out of bounds is few a just yards over the back of the green. If you hit the rear of the green then you will be left with a testing putt as the green slopes heavily from back to front.